Screen Recording

Record your screen including audio & video comments for presentations and tutorials in Stork. Generate external marketing content: product explainers, customer stories, videos for blogs and articles. Record meetings not just in Stork but in Zoom, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Discord and anywhere else.

Show it

Showcase your work, a cool website, or just create video tutorials, marketing collateral, sales materials, technical guides or website videos.

Send it

Use videos to communicate more efficiently and effectively with your audience, customers, sales prospects or internally. Make announcements to your entire organization or a colleague as a recorded video update.

Say it

Include audio commentary and video footage of yourself to produce an engaging experience for viewers. Pitch new ideas and explanations, offer help to teammates. Communicating with async video captures your tone and is more personal.


Let your team quickly catch-up on relevant meeting recordings in a more efficient, expressive, effective way to communicate.


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