Free Chat, Voice and Video App for Teams

Voice and Video collaboration workspace for hybrid and remote teams. Better than Slack, easier than MS Teams, cooler than Discord. Made for asynchronous post pandemic world.

Available on Mac, Windows, iOS and Android

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Stork desktop & mobile user interface
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VR headset

Join Stork in the Metaverse

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stork records meetings

Records all meetings

See and hear team conversing in real time or play back the recording later. Join a live meeting or read the transcription later. All calls are recorded and transcribed automatically.

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Stop using Whatsapp or Telegram for your project or a startup

Use Stork for free to see how more productively your remote or hybrid team can collaborate.

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stork records meetings

Play it back in Stork

You have access to all media records where you participated personally as well as all media records that were part of a public conversation (within your team) and you don't need to be a host nor an admin to have access.

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stork records meetings

Serendipitous Watercoolers

Absence of unexpected office encounters is a real problem for remote teams. Stork is the first and only business platform that solves this. When two people are talking in Stork - any other team member can join the conversation. Stork creates serendipitous meeting experience and encourages spontaneous conversations.

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stork records meetings

Start a live conversation in any Channel

Any member of a channel can start a live, audio-only, text or video discussion that any channel member can join. Channels can be setup for any topic or department and be private for a group of individuals or publicly accessible by the entire team. Channels are dedicated spaces within a team where the actual work gets done. Think of channels as dedicated conference rooms that are either public or private.

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"Managing a marketing team has never been this easy." - Marisa Davis, EVP Marshal & Young

"Being able to easily publish team meetings empowers our team to communicate asynchronously in a way we never have before. The work day isn't always super straight forward, allowing our team the flexibility to listen to a meeting after it takes place saves us countless hours of back and forth between the teams."

Asperante Vital S.r.l. achieved 7x more employee engagement in the first month!

"Making the transition to a fully remote team was a difficult process. We had to dedicate time and resources to learning a platform. Switching to Stork was the best decision we made for our team. Even complex features are so intuitive, there's very a minimal learning curve to using this advanced communication tool."

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Calls and watercoolers UI elements

Create a workspace with high visibility.

Stop asking questions like, "did you see my post in that channel?". With Stork's channel presence, you'll never have to guess if your team is all caught up on the latest meeting.

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Improve your workflow and save countless hours every week.

You are wasting time trying to coral your team into meetings, and using multiple tools to correspond. Completely eliminate your meeting setup process by using Stork as your all in one.

Communicating with your team doesn't have to be a huge headache.

Make better business decisions with a single, all-in-one platform that helps you plan, engage, and interact easily.

Audio and video messages UI elements

Don't miss a detail.

Important conversations aren't always recorded properly. Handwritten and typed notes can miss necessary details that shared recordings don't. Use Stork to easily record and share meetings for playback with the entire team.

VR headset

Join us in the Metaverse

We're very excited to announce that we're building out a new edition of Stork for Meta Quest X, Project Gambria and Apple VR. Be one of the first people to see and give feedback on Stork in 3-D in Metaverse. Join our mailing list for the opportunity to be invited to our exclusive beta program.

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