Sid Lee boosts efficiency and powers creativity with Slack 2

"Slack made Sid Lee so much more efficient, and we no longer have any internal emails. That’s a game changer."

Josh Smith
CFO, Sid Lee

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When Lalande joined Sid Lee in 2012, the teams were in a constantly reactive state. To effectively scale, the agency needed to manage IT costs and drive operational efficiencies. For Lalande to deliver the process and content that he had in mind, he needed to double his team. But Slack offered a more effective solution.

‘To be as efficient as possible, we automate as much as we can with Slack,’ Lalande says. ‘This makes us less reactive and more proactive.’

Sid Lee employees optimise their time and efforts by following a set of guidelines designed to build organisational continuity. ‘If you follow these best practices, that means you’re using Slack to be most efficient,’ Lalande says.

This includes opting out of internal email threads entirely in favour of Slack channels – digital spaces to share messages, workplace automations, tools and files. Instead of getting stuck in an endless email loop, employees have total control over their communication. ‘As a manager, that has a big impact, because you decide where you want to be involved,’ Lalande says.

Sid Lee also integrates its tools and workflows directly into Slack. ‘When we have a need, the first thing I do is go to the Slack App Directory,’ Lalande says. Even if some clients work with Office 365 and others prefer Google, Lalande explains, it can all coexist in Slack.

‘Slack is the heart of the ecosystem for us. If your application is not integrated with Slack, we’re not interested.’

Marc Lalande
Chief Information Officer , Sid Lee

Previously, all contract renewals for Sid Lee’s IT software ecosystem were managed through Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Now, one person from Sid Lee’s operations team manages everything using the Expiration Reminder app for Slack. Here’s how it works:

  • Slack notifications are automatically sent to #it_glb_renewals, tagging those responsible for renewing the IT software contract
  • The contract lead creates relevant tasks within Sid Lee’s project management system
  • Those tasks are assigned accordingly, complete with deadlines and links to the tasks

‘Receiving everything for IT contract renewals in Slack has been transformational,’ Lalande says. ‘It’s so much easier to manage in Slack than email.’

Sid Lee further streamlines processes with Workflow Builder, a no-code tool for automating routine tasks in Slack. To open a new project, for example, employees start in the #internal_project_request_mtl channel and fill in a simple form that triggers a corresponding process in Workday.

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